Friday, 23 August 2013

Queensferry Passage

Queensferry was such a good choice for today's sketching trip - a great place for the sketching friends to meet. We were all drawn to the magic of that iconic structure - the Forth Bridge. I remember drawing it when I was a child at primary school for 'Junior Science' - I hope this attempt is a little better!

As I sketched it I was drawn into trying to understand the structure of the bridge - it is so bold and also so complex.  After this, I walked into Queensferry. I love those Terraces with streets above houses and the crow-stepped gables. I did this sketch.

 This sketch is a bit over-worked, I think. Maybe having started on the Bridge I had been drawn into thinking about detail? cos once I started this sketch, I got into the detail too much.  I think the result is a bit of a jumble.  So as a counterpoint I did this very quick sketch.

I love this building - the Black Castle. It juts out into the street, an uncompromising presence in black harling.  The Vennel slips down the steps at the side.

After lunch I didn't do much. The inevitable seagulls, preening themselves as the tide came in...

And then another attempt at capturing the townscape and the Terraces, but I think I was a bit tired by this time. Love that sweep of the street, though.

It is such a lovely place, Queensferry - a real gem.  It has resonances with Edinburgh's Victoria Street and parts of Leith.  And it also has the outlook of those two bridges. The railway bridge definitely desreves World Heritage status...lets hope this is awarded!

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