Sunday, 1 April 2012

Botanical Expedition

On Friday, the friends met up at the Botanics in Edinburgh for a sketching session.  We agreed over coffee to try and set up a blog for us to post and share our sketches.  So here we go!

Sadly I couldn't stay very long and it was such a lovely day for sketching.  My efforts were confined to an attempt in pastels at a view of the Edinburgh skyline from Inverleith House.
View from Inverleith House (Aileen Grant)  
I also did a little charcoal sketch of a twisted tree before I had to go off to the station to collect my daughter.  Here it is.
Twisted tree (Aileen Grant)
So - now that I've made this start to our group blog, it's over to you guys.  I'm sure you'll have done much more interesting sketches than this!

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